Personal Lines Focus: Umbrellas
Remember your clients don't need to be millionaires to be sued like one
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3 Signs Your Clients May Need a Personal Umbrella
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No Personal Umbrella? Legal Fees Could Bury Your Client
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10 Things To Know About Personal & Commercial Umbrella
A personal umbrella provides an additional layer of liability coverage
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Maximize Your Book With Personal Umbrellas
Plus 5 Simple Steps to Follow When Writing Coverage
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Above All, Personal Umbrellas Offer Real Protection
Make sure your clients' limits keep pace with their asset growth
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Open The Umbrella
Don't let your clients leave home-or stay home-without this vital protection
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Must-Have Coverage's system helps agents save time and money
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Shielding against lawsuits
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The economy has produced explosive growth of NET WORTH


Equity in Homes... Stock Portfolios... Retirement Funds... Businesses

Now is the time for your agency to go back and sell higher liability limits.

Umbrellas are the most undersold product by agencies due to the fact that premiums are low and commissions small in comparison to the amount of time spent by brokers in obtaining a quote and obtaining a policy.

For agencies such as yours, selling umbrellas should be easy and fast using Here are a few reasons we feel you need to offer our umbrella coverage:

  1. A. M. Best rated A+ XV
    Give the insured a financially secure company independent from their primary insurer to protect them from catastrophic liability and defense costs.
  2. Let the client choose limits up to $5MM
    Protect their growing assets. Have offer higher limits on all renewals.
  3. Secure higher limit uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
  4. I didn't know you had a boat. Can I offer you an insurance quote on it?
    Find out about other policies your agency does not control but could possibly offer.
  5. I don't know why I didn't offer them higher limits.
    Protect possible agency errors and omissions claims for inadequate coverage limits.

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